It all started one day in 2008 when I found myself very disappointed with a scraper sharpener that I purchased. I became determined to make one the way I felt it should be made. The EDGR sharpener was born as was Cold River RSE.
Cold River RSE is a true "boot strap" effort supported by a day job, a wife with a a day job and and a second shift that consists of our three kids.
I grew up in Mt Holly, Vermont the son of a Master Blacksmith. I used tools and machines made in the mid 1800's that worked as good 150 years later as they did when they were made. That experience is the foundation of all Cold River RSE products and how I do business.
I make innovative and quality tools that will last a long time. the designs are intentionally rugged, fixable and everything is made locally in Wisconsin.
Check out what happened to the crappy sharpener!